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inside out.

we help you bring magic into your home that lets your body, mind, and spirit thrive.

Home is

where the pants aren’t.

Tour our home.

We think your home’s design should reflect your unique lifestyle and accommodate you in your natural habitat, pants or no pants. But if you need a little inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

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our key values.

we prioritize holistic wellness, so our home encourages the alignment of physical, mental, and spiritual health

we appreciate the healing forces of nature and aim to respect the earth’s finite resources

we use balanced and moderate perspectives that allow us to enjoy our journey while appreciating the diversity of others’

we research wellness trends by analyzing data and various studies; we refuse to buy, sell, or recommend snake oil

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we’re starting a movement to re-engineer our homes for true wellness and transformation.

we explore the ways we can link our modern lifestyle to our environment and design spaces where everyone can thrive.

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