Wedding Photo of Zach and Bailey, home design bloggers

We’re Zach and Bailey, newlyweds who bought a house only to tear it apart and rebuild about 85% of it. In doing that, we ended up spending a ton of time talking about what we wanted our home design to be like — a destination for the spontaneous weeknight gathering and the starting point for nights out with friends, the home of quick-and-dirty dinners, a place that gives energy for the modern lifestyle instead of providing a refuge from it.

Our house isn’t meant to be looked at, it’s meant to be lived in. When we say “come over whenever”, we’re 100% serious. You don’t need to take your shoes off when you come in and we’re a long way away from plastic-covered furniture, but you’ll have to be okay with leftover pasta.

We’re writing all this for folks like us — people who like home design but aren’t defined by it, who have friends over for a drink (or three) but don’t call it “hosting,” people who care about environmental sustainability but also realize our student loans definitely don’t, and most importantly, we’re writing this for people who want a place that helps them live better. 

So whether your indoor time is spent is a tiny home, a treehouse, an apartment, a fixer-upper — whatever, this is a blog for the indoorsy.