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If you know me, you know I like to understand all of my options before making a decision. It’s actually pretty unhealthy. How many wedding dresses did I try on? Probably around 20 (but at least I was efficient at it). I am full of ideas and am absolutely the worst at executing. So when Zach called me out on this, I was so ready to prove him wrong. Unfortunately, he was right and it took me forever to actually make decisions on what I really wanted and where I really thought we should put our money. It took me awhile, but alas I bring to you the mood board for our bathroom renovation.

The Hot Mess House // Bathroom Renovation Mood Board

Now we just have to price it all out — #yay… Off the bat, I can tell you our biggest splurges are the cement tile floor and a tankless toilet we’re thinking about getting. Because Zach literally hates germs (it’s actually a little weird, but I won’t mention more because he would be mad), he hates the fact that when you step out of the shower, you are immediately faced with a toilet. Granted, this actually is pretty gross. And apparently moving a toilet even during an entire bathroom renovation is stupid expensive. So that was out of the question. But a toilet we’re having to replace anyway? That makes more sense.

Oh, and just so you remember, here’s our before picture of our bathroom:

master bath renovation - before

Anyone else going to miss the pink vinyl tile? Hopefully not because this is the current state of the bathroom renovation:

bathroom renovation - demolition

And actually, the vanity, toilet, and tile are gone now, so this pic is outdated. But if you are really attached, you can pick all of that stuff up, per our Craigslist ad. As you can see, we’ve kept the garden hose shower head for good measure. If you want even more views of this hot mess, you can check it out here.

Anyone else have faith that this bathroom renovation is going to look great? We have a long road ahead.

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