for feeling good and doing good.

whether you’ve forgotten what outside even feels like or if you’re just needing more fresh air these days, this candle’s got you covered. Thanks to a generous gift match, we’re able to donate 2x the profit to the non-profit you choose, so you can help others while still prioritizing your own self-care.

clean-burning soy wax.

you’ve probably never particularly cared about candle wax (we can’t blame you), but it turns out some aren’t that great for your health. we vowed from the get-go not to use synthetic waxes, so take comfort knowing this is your botanical alternative — 100% soy sourced in the US.

big impact.

we set out with a vision to create socially-responsible products that benefit each person whose hands helped create it — (goods for good, if you will.) by utilizing gift matches, we’re able to donate much more than the 10% traditional businesses can typically spare. by the time it finds its way to your doorstep, you’ve unknowingly contributed to tiny fragrance shop owners, corn and soybean farmers, and some folks just looking for a little bit of help in hard times.

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in